Official Documents

RKNA Documents    *Please be patient while we complete and update our documents if you need a form that is not listed contact us at:

Documents for clubs hosting a show

  • Critique Form.pdf
  • Critique Form 1.pdf
  • Critique Form 2.pdf
  • Sample Premium – Breed Show.pdf
  • Sample Premium – Breed Show.docx
  • Show Award Certificate 1.pdf
  • Show Award Certificate 2.pdf

Show Documents

Documents for clubs hosting a trial

  • Judges Sheet BH.pdf
  • Judges Sheet IPO 1.pdf
  • Judges Sheet IPO 2.pdf
  • Judges Sheet IPO 3.pdf
  • 2018 ADRK scorebook application
  • Trial-Summary-Sheet.pdf
  • Trial Certificate 1.pdf
  • Trial Certificate 2.pdf

Breed Survey Documents

  • Ztp Form.pdf
  • Korung Combined Form.pdf
  • Standard Evaluation Form BLANK.pdf

Trial Documents

  • RKNA Trial Rules.pdf
  • RKNA 2012 IPO Rule changes.pdf
  • Scorebook Application Form.pdf
  • RKNA Trial Rules Revised 6 August 2014.pdf
  • Entry Form Shows Trials Breed Surveys.pdf
  • BH Test Question.pdf
  • BH Test Answers.pdf

General Events Documents

  • ADRK Judge request form
  • Check lists for events.pdf
  • How to book an event.pdf
  • Event-Request-V14F.pdf
  • FCI and RKNA Judges Contract V10F.pdf

Documents for clubs hosting a breed survey or Standard Evaluation

  • Ztp Form.pdf
  • Standard Evaluation Form.pdf
  • Korung Form.pdf
  • Korung Combined Form.pdf
  • Gekoert Form.pdf

Award Application Forms

Forming Club Packages

  • Forming Club Breed Survey Package.pdf
  • Forming Club Trial Package.pdf
  • Forming Club Show Package.pdf